About Us


In today world, we cannot deny that investment is one of the most common method to generate passive income. Investment can be categories into various types and forms. However, to begin the investment, there is numerous procedures to go through and knowledge of each individual category in order to generate profit out of it. Our company provide solutions and services for those who is looking forward to start producing their passive income.

          Prochaidee Investment established in 2015 at Singapore. Our company received a certified trading license from ARCA in Singapore. We are Investment Company with expert traders in different branches of investment. The trade agencies in our company are trained and experienced with their types of investment.

Our company emphasis to help trader with most convenient solutions. We provided investment option for our customers to choose the best plan that fit with their desire investment.

The customers can keep track of their investment and payment on our website. Moreover, we also allow our customers to check on user statistics to keep transparency.  We also provide the 24 hours support in case our customers encounter any issues with the investment or website function.