Are there any agreement or obligation if I want to stop my investment?

You can cancel the connection with Tower EA at any desire moment. The option to stop will rely on your decision. You can stop the investment at any time and withdraw full amount of investment.

Minimum Deposit for investment?

The minimum investment for Tower EA will correspond with the Package you have purchased. Tower EA will begin it process once the minimum requirement of deposit has meet its criteria.

Where can I manage my investment?

Once you have deposit and purchase our Tower EA package for your trade account, the management for your investment will be process through Registered or Authorized agency company. Therefore, the deposit and withdraw transaction will be process via the broker that you have opened trade account with.

How do I register my account?

There will be a register menu on the top-right of the web page. Once you click in, you can fill up your information and register your own account.

How do I start the investment?

Step 1 - Login to your account.
Step 2 - Go into trading account menu on the left hand side.
Step 3 - Add your MT4 account through "Add account now" menu
Step 4 - Let the Tower EA system generate profit for you.

How do I keep track of my Buy-Sell trade?

You can look up your Buy-Sell trade through your own MT4/MT5 account. Your data of trading lots will be shown in the software.

Why Tower EA system can generate only profit?

            The Tower EA has programmed to trade in the most efficient pair of Currency. Together with, the evaluation for the lowest risk in trading possible. Therefore, its analysis will allow the Tower EA to generate maximum amount of profit together with least amount of risks.
          Tower EA is not a normal EA system which only process to generate profit for the clients. We also provide a full-heart service along with the efficient strategy control for Tower EA to reach it peak performance. In order to escape from the margin call cycle, this issue come from different factors which result in error of EA system or even Analysis of EA itself. We also would like to mention the failure of copy trade in the EA itself too.

          Tower EA will be developed overtime and regularly update the system of EA or Algorithm every 3 months. This session occurs to support the change of market stability which happen frequently. Furthermore, we also provide a guarantee package for your investment in case of any loss happen. The terms, conditions, and policy will be as written in the contract.

How to deposit/withdraw my funds?

Step 1 - Go to buy package menu on the left hand side.
Step 2 - Select the investment package you desire that match with your expectation and fund.
Step 3 - Fulfill the details.
Step 4 - Check out the order.

Step 5 - Once your profit is satisfy with your expection, you can withdraw your money via the broker you are using for your portfolio.

How can I get the guarantee for my portfolio?

  •          Select the Package with the ration of guarantee that fulfill your satisfaction.
  •           When Tower EA begin to process, it will follow the strategy of EA.
  •          You are allowed to cancel the buy-sell order and withdraw the fund whenever you want. However, there should be consideration on the effects of EA order. The most suitable time to stop the subscription of Tower EA or withdraw the money is when there is no order remaining in your portfolio.
  •       You can control the buy-sell order in your account every moment. If there is no loss generated, the investment guarantee will remain as its policy. Nonetheless, if your buy and sell actions effect the strategy of Tower EA and result in loss, the guarantee coverage will not cover in those actions.