Privacy & Policy

Customers' privacy

              The information of our clients will be well-kept in our cloud server to secure their privacy. The information will be classified and never distributed to any third-party application or information supplier. Our clients can reassure that their information is safe with us.


Universal Compatibility with any Brokers

             As we always stressed that our client satisfaction is the goal of our service. Our product, Tower EA system, is capable to use with any registered broker worldwide. This aspect will bring about peak comfort for our clients. Due to the diversity of Broker usage, our clients have no need to worry about the Brokers they can withdraw/deposit money with.


Personal account with Tower EA system as a helper

             As aforementioned, our software is compatible with every existed broker. By this point, it allows our clients to control their personal trading account. They can manage on how they want to generate profit with a help of Tower EA system.


Investment Guarantee

             Our software come with guarantee in itself. It is common to get margin call in your portfolio as a trader due to currency fluctuation. Nevertheless, we can tackle with that issue by provide a guarantee to our clients who has purchased Tower EA system. Each package come with different amount of coverage depends on their plan. The compensation will be process instantly after the portfolio of our client generate any loss or get margin call. Hence, the trading experience will become better when you have coverage.